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41 Doing Business in Mexico 2015 Chapter 6 Regulatory environment Investor considerations • Mexican Government trend is toward deregulation in the foreign investment, foreign trade, telecommunications and energy sectors and toward stricter regulation in ecological protection, urban development, consumer protection, governmental transparency and intellectual property rights. • Monopolies viewed as in the national interest still exist in the petroleum sector and in the postal services. • Patent protection is available for a non-extendable term of 20 years. • Trademark protection is available for a ten-year period, renewable every 10 years. • Copyright piracy is severely punished through criminal prosecution. • Private and direct foreign investment at 100% is now permitted in telecommunications and satellite communications. • Regarding the Energy industry, the Reform authorizes the Federal Government to execute exploration and production activities by means of granting assignments to State Owned Productive Companies or through contracts executed with private companies. Also, the Secondary Law allows the participation of private companies in activities such as refining, transportation, and storage. 6

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