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Doing Business in Mexico 2015

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1 Doing Business in Mexico 2015 Chapter 1 Mexico – A profile Investor considerations • Stable government. • President elected every six years for a single term. • Foreign investment rules in Mexico are liberal. • Strong government efforts to keep inflation low. • Continuing trend toward reprivatizing government-owned enterprises. The electricity sector opened up to private investment to facilitate the urgent need to expand Mexico's generating capacity. Further relaxation occurred in 2014 under current energy reform including: oil and gas activities and power generation and distribution, as well as for the telecommunications reform that liberalizes the sector. • Trade barriers are substantially reduced and free trade has been in place with 45 countries including Mexico's major trade and investment partner countries. • In-bond processing companies (maquiladoras) with high productivity and quality are available. • Long common border with the United States provides a large market for exports. • Leading foreign banks have subsidiaries or joint ventures in Mexico as result of open foreign investment rules in all segments of the financial sector. • Population is approximately 112,000,000 inhabitants (source: Inegi), increasing at a rate of about 1.4% per year. • Moderate cost, easily trainable workforce. • Climate is generally mild. • Tourist attractions include archaeological sites, colonial cities, typical towns and extensive coastlines, with excellent beach resorts. 1

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